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Anonymous asked: Hi, I just found your blog, and you're an amazing artist! I hope I can draw like you someday. :)

Thank you!

Anonymous asked: Show us some more pages from your note book?x

Maybe I will :)

lethalsymphony asked: Hey! I was wondering if you had any advice on how I could improve my colouring skills? I mean, I can draw,but I've never really took the time to go to the colouring step and I'd like to start it now,thank you :) by the way I love your work!

I’m kind of in that process too, right now. I never really liked coloring when I ‘started’ with drawing. I mean, ofcourse I liked coloring when I was a kid but when I began with drawing realistic things and such, like the skulls and portraits, I was really unsure and careful with colors. I only used really subtile colors as details.. So now I’m in a new phase with my art and I’m not really sure what I actually want. I think I can’t give you an exact advice, because you need to find it all out by yourself. Because it’s YOUR art and your process. And it’s special because it’s yours. So take time to go to the coloring step, and take time to experiment and find out what you like and dislike. You can’t make mistakes, because bad drawings are also good. I hate bad drawings and sometimes they make me cry, but you learn the most from bad drawings I think. One of my favorite quotes is: “Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.” from Chuck Jones. 
Oh well, I’m writing a novel. Good luck, and don’t be too hard for yourself. Just start.